Best Practices for Procuring Optimal Carrier Services and Rates

White Paper
Download our Best Practices For Procuring Optimal Carrier Services And Rates White Paper that reviews the following steps:
  • Assess and Document Business Needs
  • Perform a Formal RFP Process
  • Use Analytics to Compare Proposals and Cost Effect
  • Plan on Multiple Rounds of Negotiation
  • Change Services if there is a Better Option

UPS, FedEx and other shipper’s rates increase every year. At the same time, markets are increasingly competitive. To remain competitive in this ever-changing landscape it is imperative to obtain the best shipping rates possible. As carrier’s rates increase every year, a company’s supply chain and logistics processes are under immense pressure to perform. Not only are some companies struggling to stay on top of the constant rate increases, but the markets they operate in are becoming increasingly competitive with new business efficiencies.

One of the best strategies to remain competitive is to obtain the best carrier rates possible, but 9 out of 10 shippers are still overpaying for their carrier shipping rates. In this guide, we pull from the experience of optimizing the supply chains of hundreds of customers and prescribe a combination of process and technology that can help shippers achieve their goals of reducing shipping expense and, at the same time, speeding delivery to customers.

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" 9 out of 10 shippers are overpaying for UPS and FedEx Services by a minimum of 10% "

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